Shop Owner Purchase Pricing

As a retail business, you are eligible to purchase Stellar Jewels  & AWahl Designs  at the wholesale price.

To determine the wholesale cost, deduct approximately 50% from the suggested keystone retail price listed on the website.

Stellar Jewels does not sell retail.

Styles are produced in limited quantities and will be confirmed upon receipt of your order.  Minimum $700.00.


How to place an order with Stellar Jewels / AWahl Designs

1. Download the order form (MS Excel Document link below) to your desktop. 

Stellar Jewels Order Form

2. Complete the order form using the item codes and prices from the website. (NOTE: Entered retail prices will automatically convert to the wholesale price).

3. Save the completed order form, then attach it to an e-mail which you send to:

P: 808 298 1678

4. I will respond with confirmation of your order as well as shipping and payment options.

Thank you for your interest in Stellar Jewels / AWahl Designs quality products!