Alison 2017

Alison B. Wahl 


Alison is recognized by her trademark name of  Stellar Jewels. As a leading Sterling Silver Jewelry artist, her jewelry has been well received by clients throughout the United States and Canada.  The word, “Stellar” refers to the stars. What more spectacular display of the universe is there than the sky on a beautiful night?

For over 20 years, Alison has specialized in creating limited edition jewelry designs made with Shells, Natural Bone Carvings and Semi-precious gems.

Artist Statement

“The goal of my jewelry is to share creativity and beauty in all my pieces, bringing joy to those who wear them and those that appreciate looking at my work."

I have chosen Maui, Hawaii to be my central point of inspiration.

It is my desire to continue generating positive inspiration by that capturing the essence of art and beauty in a worldwide time of desperation and hope.




The name Stellar literally means "pertaining to stars". " The world is alive and vibrant...just look up on a clear night. Stellar which refers to "the best" translated in Hawaiian to mean, No Ka Oi, and that is what she strives for in her jewelry line.